Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Losing Myself in Argyll, Scotland

Hiya guys! Its been a few days if not a week since i last posted! I did have a vlog from when i visited my dad & his side of the family, but silly me, didn't check the files were loaded onto my laptop completely and deleted them. I am trying to recover them but if not there wasn't really anything special lost. 

So about a week or so ago, Chris' parents decided to have a cheeky little break away. They booked a decent sized cabin and off they went on their adventure. They had been before and if you check here you will see my last outfit post from when we took a drive up. Since i am writing this post, then i think its obvious that Chris and I were invited up for the day! We all have a pretty good time. It was so nice to be able to drive to somewhere far away, especially to a place so beautiful. I love nature & the countryside. I think its very easy to lose yourself in your thoughts when you drive somewhere you admire. Scotland really is a beautiful country and I think I can take that for granted. But I know thats pretty natural for anyone living wherever they live. My dad & his family have all often said that they don't take advantage enough of living right next the lake district. Which is also VERY beautiful may i add?

If we can afford it next year I think Chris and I will try and get our own little cabin booked, maybe even go with a few friends. I'd love to explore more up there, there are tons of trails & places to walk to. As well as there being loads of neighbouring cute tea cafes, plus we've already got our eyes on a cool looking restaurant... Its in a castle/church looking building! I can only imagine the delights that I could potentially find inside! What can I say? Chris and I are both huge restaurant & food enthusiasts. Am I right in saying that its one of the ways into someones heart? Well, if that isn't recorded anywhere I'm claiming it and saying I was the first. So, there you go folks, its actually that easy to find the love of your life. The way to get someone to like you is to obviously make someone a meal and all will be a happy ever after... Not! Although, I have heard the expression that; The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. (pretty much what i said...)

Not quite sure that will give you eternal happiness but it is an expression! I have to say though, it makes me happy feeding Chris and cooking for him. But I think thats an affectionate thing. When you see joy in someone, or if you give someone joy, it makes you feel joy as well. Also, the photos of me are always taken by Chris but any other photos are by me :)

Dress- c/o Choies
Boots- Next
Hat- H&M
Bag- Vintage

Now, because i was going into the wilderness of Scotland (if only). I thought it was best that i tried to look like a gorgeous bohemian princesses. You know, the long flowy dresses, the hats, the laid back oversized patterned bag and don't forget THE boots to tie it all in. I think i did my best. I wouldn't see I looked gorgeous because well, I don't say that about myself. But I am very happy with how the outfit turned out as well as how it looked against the amazing backdrop that is Arrochar. Plus I love the mix match of the green dress & green backpack. Same colours but different patterns and thats what I'm all about!

Friday, 4 July 2014

US Independence Day

Hiya all, late post i know. Plus i also know i missed yesterdays & todays "everyday post". I suck i know but i'll get them up over the next few days instead, please don't judge me... Today i travelled down to Carlisle, as that's where my dad and his family are from, as its my little brother's birthday in a few days. Since my dad is no longer with Thomas' mum, he either comes the weekend before or after to celebrate with this side. I can't actually believe or accept the fact that he's even going to be 9... I mean, i'm sure you will all understand this but, when people used to say "Oh! It seems like just yesterday you were born...", you would be like what?! How can that even be possible? Well, you younger folk out there, it is. It DOES feel like just yesterday when i was meeting him for the first time. It's scary. But on one hand, it's been awesome to see the little guy develop into a proper little person! I'm excited to see the kind of person he'll turn into and the type of adult he will be.

So the plans are to wake up tomorrow and see what kind of day it's going to be. If it's a nice day i think we are taking a picnic to the local park with some of our other family, if not then its bowling! It should be good fun, been a while since i actually seen everyone so i'm looking forward to the reunion with the crazies ;) 

Also, on the topic of independance day, it's actually making me a little bit excited! Many of you may, or may not know (depending on your age & where you are from) but, Scotland are getting a vote on the 18th September (9 days before we get married!) to become independent from the UK or not. I will probably go more into this in a discussions post nearer the time but, yes i am voting for independence. So the thought of maybe having our own celebration like this in the future made me want to actually dress for the occasion today. Alot of exciting things happening in the next few months!

Jacket- Unif
Dress- Strawberry Kats on Ebay (99p)
Shoes- Converse on Ebay
Hat- H&M buy here
Bag- Lost Mannequin (birthday present from Chris!) buy here

So as i said, i was dressing for the occasion... You can't really go wrong with the classic american red, blue & white stars. I originally was going to go for something else, not quite sure what, but then i remembered i had this dress. Perfect. I thought i good ol'classic converse shoe to go with the "american themes", plus they are red and have a white star on them. It was also pouring down today so i had to throw on tights, as well as my trusty unif (vegan) leather jacket. It also helped add that "dark edge" i need to have in every outfit. Also i couldn't leave without adding a "cowboy" lookalike hat... I used this backpack as i was travelling and it carries a tonne of things! But can i just say, how fucking awesome is it?! One of my favourite possessions, i was super happy when i seen Chris had gotten me it. Its really spacious inside with a TONNE of pockets!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Let's Get Back Into This

Oh hey guys... long time since i actually posted normally. My posts the last few weeks have been a bit, well, erratic. For that i am truly sorry! I do now present to you a new beginning with the blog. I'm sure i've explained this a few times in various ways but, i want to explain in a little more detail. The way to start a good story is always at the beginning though ;) So thats where i shall start. At the beginning of the year i had decided i want to go in a bit of a new direction with my blog. I don't want to restrict it to just photos of my outfits... I want it to be my complete outlet where i can just put myself out there. Does that make any sense? I want to try and document as much of my thoughts, likes & adventures as i can. From whether that is current likes or random trips away somewhere. When i'm a "real adult" I want to look back at my blog, as a sort of window to the past.

I feel as though a blog is a sort of online diary, or thats how i treat it (just without giving you lovely people every tiny little detail of my life). I also want to use my voice on the internet more, as well as maybe using it to help people. I understand if it all seems a bit all over the place right now, especially with the weird odd posts i've given you guys. But i'm hoping that over the next few months maybe the blog will make a bit more sense and you will see the kind of new posts i will be doing. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me as much as i am taking it! I'm so excited for this new start, its the positive stableness i need right now. Of course, i have Chris, but maybe some of you can understand when i say i need something to focus on that is going to be an enjoyment. It won't bring any stress.

Also, i do have a blog re-design coming but money kind of ran out at the end of the month... You know, how it usually does? Funny isn't? Its like your money sees the end of the month and runs off as if its scared or something.
(ssshhh i know i'm poor)

Jacket- Topshop
Jumper- Primark now at Asos
Jeans- Asos
Creepers- Underground at Viper London buy here 
Bag- Market Abroad

So today i was off to my friend Lauras for an afternoon of tea, cake, sandwiches, a whole lot of fun & giggling! The weather today was a weird one so i needed to be covered up. As i thought i was going to be walking to and from hers, i thought reliable clunky creepers were the way forward. Chris offered to drop me off, so my lazy short legs COULD NOT refuse. I thought the sweater tucked in boyfriend jeans would be a nice casual touch, but a little chic. I wore my blue bag as i've been using that the past few days, also it was blue. There was blue on my jumper... So that's how todays outfit emerged out of my wardrobe :)

Tony Romas Restaurant

Hiya guys! Welcome to wednesday which is review day for the blog! I will be reviewing so many different things; from beauty to hotel rooms & service. I hope you find this section helpful, as its mainly why i'm doing it! To help anyone whos stuck with something and is un-sure whether or not to go for it! 

I thought I would start off with this restaurant review as its my recent new discovery! & favourite place to eat right now. Its a bit of a restaurant and food review! Also, i apologise for the instagram photos! I will try to use my SLR as much as possible.

Tony Roma's Braehead

The Restaurant
When you first set eyes on Tony Roma's (without even hearing the name) you can instantly see & feel the American and Italian influences. The restaurant first started way back in (sorry for anyone their 40's ;) ) the 70's in North Miami, Florida. It was actually a bit of a fluke really. The then owners/chefs didn't mean to create what they did. One day they just decided to throw some ribs (which is what they are most famous for) onto the grill and to try out Chef Daves own secret recipe. The following week they were just going to back to their usual menu. Although, they weren't really able to do that! People were begging for them to change their menu and add the ribs as a full time option. The rest, you could say was, history ;) Its not a top 5* michelin type of restaurant, its somewhere you can go for a good feed, have a broad choice and not have to pay over the top!

As we walked into the restaurant we waited for a short while until we were shown to a table. The table itself was nicely presented, how you would imagine it to be, napkins nicely laid, clean, cutlery placed neatly on the table & of course menus. As we were in at lunch time, on this occasion, it was very quiet and empty. But, on a personal note i quite like when theres not many people in! The waitress was lovely! She was attentive to our table, she gave us enough time to sit down get settled and to then look at the menu for the drinks and meals. If there were any slight changes we wanted to our drinks & meals, they were sorted without no problem! This is usually me, i like to have no ice in my drinks and no vegetables on my plate!

Well, where can i start on this one? As i've been a few times i have managed to try a few things. As well as Chris, whose opinion i also asked for! I may have even had a nibble or two of what he had... As we were in at lunch time, i did go for the lunch menu! But theres still a varied choice, i'd say they'd maybe even give you more of choice compared to other restaurants like this. Which Chris also agreed on. I tried the RED HOT buffalo wings, which were amazing! Some of the best ive had, they are meaty as well as very juicy. Which is what we want! Of course they were very very spicy, so if you aren't a big fan i WOULD NOT go for these. They have a choice of another sauce which is honey based, again if that wasn't for you, I do reckon they would do them plain for you. Chris' Gran likes a lot of things plain and whatever she asked for, there was no fuss! I have also gone for the potato skins with cheese & bacon, another restaurant favourite! They were sooo good. They didn't hold out on the cheese & bacon i can tell you! The portion size was a decent size, you got four slices, but they were all chunky as well as the cheese & bacon.

 For my first main, i had 8oz rib eye steak. It was good, although if i can remember correctly i think it was just a little over medium for me. It was still really good, but i could have taken it a bit pinker! You have a choice of either fries or a baked potato, i was trying to be a bit healthier so i went for the baked potato. For my second main, I had one of the most amazing creations ever. A Pulled Pork Burger. Just let that sink in for a while... Big chunky bits of juicy pork, in a bbq sauce. It was amazing. On the side were fries and vegetables, if you are a good healthy human being. Again, there was so much food on my plate! I conquered half of it and brought the rest home. From what i seen from the few tables that were filled, the other customers seemed to be enjoying their meals and time there! Some even had, im assuming because they were going for ribs, a big plastic bib to protect themselves!

I don't think the prices are that bad for what you get. Especially if you were going out with some friends, it would be a great place to go! Its cheap & cheerful as i like to call it. Plus huge portions!

Lunch Menu
2 courses- £9.95
3 courses- £12.95
(bottomless fizzy £2.80)

Evening Special
2 courses- £11.95
(5pm onwards, starter or desert, tues, weds & thurs)

Evening Menu
starters- roughly £5
mains- roughly £11
desert- roughly £5

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Let's Have A Cup of Tea & Chat: Always #LikeAGirl; good or bad?

Hiya guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! Today i am kicking off my first Discussion post :) I hope you guys enjoy this category as much as i am hoping you all will! Im hoping to engage with you as much as i can on these posts. I most definitely invite you all to get involved and express what you think. Of course, in the nicest, politest ways possible. No abuse will be tolerated and i will delete comments. The topics that i will be discussing will be very, very, very varied. Ranging from politics to general media gossip. With creating this category on my blog, i am hoping that 

1) You will learn the type of person i am & my views/opinions
2) We can hopefully open our minds
3) Try to learn to dismiss judgement & be more thoughtful
(Just incase theres any of that out there...)

Always #LikeAGirl

Now, i'm not sure how many of you will have seen the video i posted on my blog last friday, if not i suggest you go watch before you carry on reading!

When i first started watching the video, i didn't really know what to expect. What i really didn't expect was how much it would hit home... When i heard the first sentence "I'm just going to give you some actions to do..." I knew exactly where it was going. I watched after various types of people were asked to do the same kind of things. But, to do it #LikeAGirl. Everyone, tried to recreate actions as a girl would and ALL done the actions in the exactly same way! After watching the video i had a look online about it and found out that it was a social experiment by Always. Now, i don't know about you but it really told me something about our society & how society can perceive these words.

They were all flailing, being a wimp, a bit of baby & weak if i'm honest. As i was watching, this is how it genuinely made me feel; inferior, weak, embarrassed & not as good. Three little words. Why has society taught us this? Or rather, why have we learnt this from society? Because i certainly wasn't told to feel like that when i heard those words. I remember hearing them as a child and saying to myself "No, im strong! Not weak #LikeAGirl", i tried to use people saying it to push me. To show people i was strong, i  wasn't like a girl.  Thats how i genuinely thought and felt. In society we are taught that women are such weak, flimsy beings. Who are basically, unable to be strong. Now, i'm not saying EVERYONE is like this, oh poor us we are hated by all men and everyone out there. That is most certainly not the case. But, as i said before this video is a social experiment it wasn't out to get anyone. They were genuinely just testing the reactions of various people from various backgrounds to see what would happen. When three little words were said. I'm also not saying women can't be weak or show/have emotion, everyone has those moments or are gentle beings. Its when its being used to put someone down and as a negative.

But, in terms of "feminism" i feel we still have a long way to go... I understand there are still women being used and controlled just because of what is between their legs... But once you get past all that, there is still plenty more to sieve through and be sorted out in terms of how society views women and how we view each other. I understand the people in the video didn't mean it in a bad way but, just look how everyone reacted when asked to do those actions. What did give me hope though, was the young girls. They all thought nothing of it. They were just themselves and done the actions as they would. They all looked strong, confident and proud. Where before with the actions, not so much... So what happens to that young girl? How and why do they change?

If you have reached to the end, then well done you! 
What do you guys think? Do you see it as a negative comment? Are we too sensitive? What do you think needs to change for young girls? Does anything even need to change? What can we do to make a change?! Any opinions welcome!

Monday, 30 June 2014

A Favourite; Tea & A Biscuit Or Cake!

Hiya guys! Welcome to my first post kicking off this blog relaunch of mine. Thank you to anyone who is here reading this today. I really do value and appreciate everyone of you lovely people who come to my blog & enjoy it. It brings me great happiness that i could potentially be making someone smile or inspired by what i do here.

Anyway, enough of the soppyness & on to the post!

Firstly, i just want to say. I LOVE TEA. I wake up thinking about my first cup and when i'm going to have one. I love it so much i've decided to call the discussion section of my blog, which is going to be on a Tuesday, "Lets Have A Cuppa & Chat!". Sometimes, i have one as soon as i wake up but depending on what my plans are, i'll have it in the afternoon. I personally only have one big cup or two small ones, if i have time, a day. I'm very conscious about the amount of caffeine i put into my body. As it can unfortunately bring on migraines for me, ow! As well as not being very healthy for you. If i am going out & need to rush then thats when i have two small ones so i can at least get my fix before i go out ;)

I do love to have a tea in the afternoon, especially when i'm doing blog or youtube stuff. I just find it so relaxing and a bit of a treat! If i'm really going all out, then i will have a cheeky cake or scone with it, especially if i've been out for lunch where they sell them. Its just a little treat i like to give to myself. It doesn't cost much to pop the kettle on and make a cuppa (as we Brits like to call it). I also sometimes like to get biscuits in, not all the time, as i said they are an extra special treat added on top. Sometimes, i even push the boat out even more and use my shabby chic tea set that i snapped up on ebay! Like i said, i treat my tea drinking like a treat.

My favourite treats to have with my cup of tea are, i'm afraid to say, good ol British classics! A huge slice of victoria sponge & huge strawberry jam scone! I couldn't be anymore of a british stereotype could i? Or as im sure Chris, my fiance, would say "English"! Now, with biscuits, i'm a bit of a bore. I don't really eat fancy all singing & dancing biscuits. I like my standard digestive biscuits, rich teas, ginger nut and occasionally the hobnobs which are oaty. If i'm really pushing the boat out i sometimes hear the maryland double chocolate chip cookies.

Hand on heart, i can't explain my love for tea. Was it bred into me from a young age? Or did i learn to want it? I mean we are a nation of tea lovers, all of my family drink it except my dad (he drinks coffee). I have drunk it since i was very little. I even think i can remember having it for the first time, my mum didn't allow me to have it, as it is a bit of an adults drink. I was at my Grandmas but i don't think she knew i wasn't really allowed it, so i totally took advantage of this! She had a little tea pot & matching cup which i somehow came to the conclusion that it must be for children then.

Then i was away making myself tea all day and to this day i still make my tea the same! When i was about 6 i was diagnosed with diabetes but, i don't think anyone knew at this point. So due to what was probably high blood sugars i had a thirst that was never quite quenched. So what i then decided was best for me to drink as quickly as i could, was to fill the cup half full with boiling hot tea & add half a cup of freezing cold milk. Now with two spoons of canderel. Then i was able to guzzle as quickly as i could! The only thing that has changed, is i quite like a strong tasting cup of tea, so i really squeeze the tea bag.

Let me know down below how you take your cup of tea! Or even coffee, also what's your favourite treat to have on the side?