Sunday, 7 December 2014

Hello Again

Hiya guys, this post is a little overdue now! I did want to do this post sooner and before I started posting my usual stuff but, I got back into the swing of dressing up and blogging a lot sooner than I thought I would! But, as they say, better late than never! & lets be honest, thats the motto and story of my life... Im sure you'll understand the huge disappearance act I performed right before my big day, by that I mean my wedding! Which was, in case any of you didn't realise but, the 27th September 2014. I had plenty of things to keep me occupied and stressed that I just didn't have the same enthusiasm as I usually do for blogging.

I am however, very eager to get back into the swing of things! However, right now due to my current situation its going to be very hard to get back to the way I want things to go. Now I don't remember if I mentioned in my last post or not, but I handed out some c.vs and was really hoping to hear back from somewhere. Well, turns out 2 weeks later I landed myself a job in Next at Silverburn Shopping Centre. So that is one of the main reasons i'm not going to get back in outfit posting like I would like too. Although, I am really wanting to go ahead with that whole blog relaunch that I never actually managed to do... So I think Im going to at least try and plan for other posts and grab outfit photos when I can! But try really really hard to grab photos, even if that means getting ready two/three hours before I'm going out so I can get some posts together.

As I really am dying to start blogging again, I also want to start creating Youtube videos more and taking it alot more seriously like my blog because, for some reason, I REALLY LOVE editing videos! Which is strange, because I LOVE photography yet quite dislike the editing side of it... Weird. I've also got some pretty cool ideas for some video series that I could do. I'm thinking of starting off with a video a week then go on to two depending on everything.

I'm also writing this post to tell you all, that all my social media names will be changing. Since getting married, I chose to take on Chris surname which is Lowe, so I will now be known as Hayley Lowe. I'm also seriously considering changing my whole online persona "Addictions to Shopping" I'm just not quite sure that I want to carry that with me forever online... I don't feel it suits me either. So until I can think about what to do about the whole usernames/social media situation, nothing will be changing, but it will very very soon! So keep an eye out.

Well, thats me for now but I will be back with some posts this week so this ISN'T the last you are hearing from me. This is just me getting started.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

I'm a feminist

Jack Howard, one of my favourite youtubers, done a video on feminism and I thought he made some awesome valid points.

Don't be afraid to say you are a feminist or stand for something, anything for that matter.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Weird Kind Of Day

Hiya everyone, back with another post today! I've still not been able to film my "Updates" video yet but, I have that scheduled in my brain to do tomorrow... I haven't really had that much free time the past few days especially with putting together posts and uploading to Chictopia & Lookbook as well. So why was today a weird kind of day? Well, in all honesty its all to do with the weather really. When I first opened my eyes at an ungodly hour the sun was shining, then when I was finally able to manage to get brain signals to the rest of my body, telling it to move. I could still see some sun shining, however, when we finally got in the car and was about halfway to where we were going, the heavens decided to start spitting at us...Lovely. Also, with some added love in the shape of big grey heavy clouds. Oh the joys of living in a fairly miserable-weather kind of country. 

As I have been writing this heavy rain has been falling from the skies above, I nearly didn't go out to get my camera from the boot. But I told myself to quit being a wimp as it was only for 2 minutes and I did have my hat on. It wasn't as if it really mattered anyway, I was retiring for the evening. So who cares if my hair went all flat and wet?

Where were we going today? I hear you ask, well to put it bluntly, to hand some CVS out to try and get a job... I handed quite a few out but whether or not I hear back from anybody is another story. I shall keep you all updated though!

Hat- H&M buy here
Shirt- George at Asda (supermarket)
Skirt- H&M
Flatform Brogues- Office
Bag- Vintage (from the 60s!)
Lipstick- Clinique

So as I mentioned that I was handing out C.Vs, I wanted something smart yet casual. Something comfy enough to walk around in, but also said PLEASE HIRE ME. What do you think? Did I get that look? I really didn't mean to go for tartan again...It just sort of happened and I didn't want to wear any of the pastel colours that all my shirts seem to be in...As well as not re-wearing yesterdays outfit as I knew I was going to be posting today. I went for the all time favourite flatforms because as I said in yesterdays post, I want to get back into heels. Without crippling my feet today I opted for the flatform look, also these are flatform brogues and the last time I checked brogues are smart!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Didn't You Hear? Autumn Is Here.

Hiya guys, been a while, how are you all? Have you had a good summer, or lucky enough to still be enjoying sun & freedom? I'm not going to get into what i've been up too or explaining my disappearance as I am planning to do an "Updates Video" on Youtube which i will also be posting on here. So I'll just be doing a general chatty post today, hope you don't mind too much! So today we just popped along to Xscape (now Soar), for something to eat with Chris Gran. Then we popped along to the arcade games as Gran is an avid coin gambler, of course, just like most of that generation... And they say we, the younger generation, are frivolous with our money. Believe me, you don't understand the definition of frivolous with money until you've witnessed a grandparent at the arcades! In all honesty though, Chris Gran DOES NOT have a gambling problem. Or so we are lead to believe ;)

I think every person from each generation has some sort of memory of going to these sorts of places, or it may just be a UK thing. I remember being about 5-6 years old and going to a place called Hayling Island, an island (duh obviously with a name with the actual word island included...) with one of those british seaside towns, which had a small fair and rides. As well as a small arcade and play area inside. The place was called Funland. I can honestly say I loved going, I even had my 5th birthday party there. Im pretty sure I had some of my happiest moments and memories there. From my memory, as a child, it was totally awesome! I know now, that if I was to return (which im sure I will, as i'd love to show Chris!) I wouldn't understand the fascination I had, the delight it brought me. Even now, as Im thinking about the place i can taste their chips from the chippy and the sweet doughnuts. Mmm! I wonder if its changed much from my last visit? It didn't change much in the time I even visit as a child...

Warning: There are a TONNE of scratches ALL OVER my hands and legs from our kittens Mufasa & Valentino! I haven't had a fight with a thorn bush...

Dress- Fat Face (Gift from Mother in Law!)
Heels- Asos similar here
Clutch- Internacionale
Necklace- Primark
Lipstick- Mac in Craving

Originally, I had a completely different outfit in mind, except for the shoes I kept them. I wanted something pretty casual & not so out there for my first post coming back (more info coming in my updates video). I was also just going for relaxed lunch so I thought this would be comfy enough while giving me room to eat ;) I stuck to the red/white colours with this outfit and I thought the pop of yellow in my clutch added that extra something, without going over the top. Also, yellow matches pretty well with red. I went for heels even though they aren't casual because I really want to get back into wearing different shoes and heels again. Need to re-break my feet in!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Late Summer Evenings

Hiya guys! Sorry for the mild absence once again. I genuinely have had my hands quite full the past few weeks! Firstly, I had a short holiday to London, then the day after we arrived we were off to pick up the kittens! & since then, its been non-stop and I haven't really had the time or energy to do anything... Bad I know. I do have a tonne of stuff to show you from london but its been hard to find the time to sort any of it out. Plus, you know what I'm like, I need to post it all together otherwise it causes unnecessary anxiety...Weirdo. I have outfit posts, photography & a video. So at least a few hours of editing work! Not that I'm complaining, I really love it. But, of course it is time consuming and time is not what I have a lot of right now. Since I have become a cat mother (shhh I know its ridiculous...) I have literally been giving all of my energy & time to them.

Since this time is quite important for your kittens development, I'm doing as much as I can with them to shape them into the cats we would like. I've done a lot of researching online and theres three segments of time to get them used to what you will do with them throughout their adult life. Theres the first 6 weeks of their life, then 6-12 weeks and the final time of development is up to 6 months. Chris and I both think that they weren't really handled much up until we basically took them on, which was at 9 weeks old. So we're having to get them used to A LOT. Plus, since I would like them to be "lap cats" this means that, whenever they need/want to sleep I need to hope that they come find my lap or pick them up when they are tired enough. This will then teach them that when they are tired to seek out one of our laps, which I have to say, they've already caught onto quick! Occasionally, one will still hide behind the sofa as there is a comfy spot there, but the majority of the time they will nap on my lap/legs. 

So I'm then pretty much confined to the sofa in the weirdest, most uncomfortable (at times) of positions... But all of this hard work that is being put in will pay off in the end. As we will have the kitty cats that we want! Which, I guess is one of the positives of getting kittens. As you can shape them into the cat and routine that you would like. Both of them have already come on tremendously in the short time that we have had them, which is a week and a half. Also, the reason we actually went for kittens and didn't rescue any cats was because of the rabbits. As i was saying, that we want to shape them, then we can also get them to socialise with the rabbits and teach them NOT to attack them!  So I think the term "cat mother" really is appropriate! 

Heres a short post on the kittens with some photos.

Also, I just wanted to mention that these photos are old. I just haven't got round to posting them, I've no idea why, but I thought this was the perfect time to post them as all I have is my london stuff right now.

Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal
Dress- Topshop (sale)
Heels- Asos
Bag- Vintage
Necklace c/o- Persunmall
Headband- Crown and Glory buy here

So a few months ago, we took a spontaneous trip to our favourite italian restaurant. I can't remember if it was a joint meal or if Chris decided to treat me? I think he decided to treat me... So i threw this together, started with the dress and heels as they matched with the green. I then decided to add that "dark edge" that I always crave in an outfit. Which was of course, the leather biker with some lovely black roses added to my head. I always need something to take a little from the "girlyness" of an outfit.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New Family Members!

Hiya, I thought I would do a short post explaining my absence & new babies! If any of you follow me on instagram & twitter then you may already know. Chris & I took a short trip/holiday to London, as we were already heading down for the final Monty Python show, we decided to make a thing of it! Especially since we probably wouldn't get the chance to have a proper holiday this year. Hopefully we are getting a honeymoon, but we are unsure at the moment! So we just took the opportunity of already being in London, I've been many times as I used to live an hour or so away. But, it was the first time I explored the city without my parents and being with Chris. So it really did feel like a new experience.

I do have outfit/photography posts and a video coming up so you can see what went on, but I have my hands pretty full right now! I haven't really had the chance. So I thought i would give you guys this short 'n' sweet post.

So a few months ago our neighbours rescued a cat, they named him Loki. He then decided that he would start visiting us from time to time and have a nap also. Chris and I both fell in love with him very quickly, hes such a loving, cuddly cat! Even in the street he'll run up to us. I also pick him up and give him massive cuddles. But, he is next doors cat, not ours! 

So Chris and eventually decided to get two little furballs of our own! Originally, we were only going to go for one but we both feel its better with two, so they can keep each other company and have each other to cuddle when we aren't around (not that its for very long). We got them the day after we came home, so i've not had time to do anything blog/youtube related as i've been busy with my babies! They are full of energy all day and don't really sleep long...

So, here they are! The littler one with white socks is Valentino (named by me) & Mufasa who is tabby all over (named by Chris). They are maine coon x kitties and we are expecting them to grow quite big! Hence, the kind of over the top names. 

They aren't the most photographic photos, but the little so & sos DO NOT sit still! 

 I'm sure you still get the picture though (get it, get it, get the picture?! I know I suck sshh...), even though they aren't the greatest photos! They are small and cute :D 

Hope to post soon with my London stuff! Have a good day & week ;)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Losing Myself in Argyll, Scotland

Hiya guys! Its been a few days if not a week since i last posted! I did have a vlog from when i visited my dad & his side of the family, but silly me, didn't check the files were loaded onto my laptop completely and deleted them. I am trying to recover them but if not there wasn't really anything special lost. 

So about a week or so ago, Chris' parents decided to have a cheeky little break away. They booked a decent sized cabin and off they went on their adventure. They had been before and if you check here you will see my last outfit post from when we took a drive up. Since i am writing this post, then i think its obvious that Chris and I were invited up for the day! We all have a pretty good time. It was so nice to be able to drive to somewhere far away, especially to a place so beautiful. I love nature & the countryside. I think its very easy to lose yourself in your thoughts when you drive somewhere you admire. Scotland really is a beautiful country and I think I can take that for granted. But I know thats pretty natural for anyone living wherever they live. My dad & his family have all often said that they don't take advantage enough of living right next the lake district. Which is also VERY beautiful may i add?

If we can afford it next year I think Chris and I will try and get our own little cabin booked, maybe even go with a few friends. I'd love to explore more up there, there are tons of trails & places to walk to. As well as there being loads of neighbouring cute tea cafes, plus we've already got our eyes on a cool looking restaurant... Its in a castle/church looking building! I can only imagine the delights that I could potentially find inside! What can I say? Chris and I are both huge restaurant & food enthusiasts. Am I right in saying that its one of the ways into someones heart? Well, if that isn't recorded anywhere I'm claiming it and saying I was the first. So, there you go folks, its actually that easy to find the love of your life. The way to get someone to like you is to obviously make someone a meal and all will be a happy ever after... Not! Although, I have heard the expression that; The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. (pretty much what i said...)

Not quite sure that will give you eternal happiness but it is an expression! I have to say though, it makes me happy feeding Chris and cooking for him. But I think thats an affectionate thing. When you see joy in someone, or if you give someone joy, it makes you feel joy as well. Also, the photos of me are always taken by Chris but any other photos are by me :)

Dress- c/o Choies
Boots- Next
Hat- H&M
Bag- Vintage

Now, because i was going into the wilderness of Scotland (if only). I thought it was best that i tried to look like a gorgeous bohemian princesses. You know, the long flowy dresses, the hats, the laid back oversized patterned bag and don't forget THE boots to tie it all in. I think i did my best. I wouldn't see I looked gorgeous because well, I don't say that about myself. But I am very happy with how the outfit turned out as well as how it looked against the amazing backdrop that is Arrochar. Plus I love the mix match of the green dress & green backpack. Same colours but different patterns and thats what I'm all about!